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Music Collaboration Through Crowdsourcing

We're on a mission to prove that some of the greatest musicians are the ones you haven't heard of yet. Our aim is to connect musicians all around the world in online recording collaboration. You pick your favorite track from a pool of submissions and use it in your song. We at RecordTogether believe that an amazing performance (even with budget recording equipment), trumps a mediocre performance in a world-class studio. We encourage all types of musicians to participate, and the best part - you get paid! Get registered and let's make some songs!


Taking the Trial & Error Out of Band Auditions is rapidly becoming a one-stop shop for finding musicians. Whether you're looking to start a band locally or connect with musicians online, our community makes it easy to find like-minded people. Are you looking for someone or is someone looking for you? RecordTogether makes it possible to establish that connection.


Musician and Producer Social Network - Showcase Your Talent

Design your profile on to reflect what you have to offer to other musicians. List the instruments you play, recordings you have done, influences, and what you're looking for. Update your current location to tap into your local music scene. The more information you provide the easier it will be for others to find you.


Current Recording Opportunities For Musicians

Time Left Song Info Wanted Genre Bounty Posts
3 Days 9 Hours Left stuart  21
Female Singing [Pop] $1.00 0